Most Reverend Arturo Cepeda“The New Evangelization impels us to continue joyfully responding to the Spirit that never ceases to stimulate our communities to a deep conversion. Our call to celebrate the Gospel and to proclaim it to all our communities is at the very core of the creative ministry of the FIP.  With years of Hispanic experience the Federation will continue to respond to the challenges of today’s world and will continue to serve by offering excellent faith, academic, and ministerial formation to our communities and beyond.”

-Bishop Arturo Cepeda

The Federation is committed on the formation and education of all the Latin communities on all levels. Performs this function through collaboration and exchange of experience and resources to help meet pastoral and educational needs of the laity leadership while recognizing the contributions made to the Catholic Church in the United States.

Conceptos E Instrumentos prácticos para Institutos PastoralesHANDBOOK OF THE FEDERATION OF PASTORAL INSTITUTES (FIP)
For Catholic Institutes of Pastoral Formation serving the Hispanic Community in the United States

Builders of the Present and the Future of our Church

Part I: Theological–pastoral framework

  1. Historical Foundations of Hispanic Ministry Formation
  2. Theological-pastoral Framework

Part II: Practical Guide for the Institutes

  1. Types of Institutes, Levels of Formation, and Functions of Pastoral Formation Instructors
  2. Curriculum, Programs, and Courses
  3. Students: Profile and Standars for Registration and Certification

Part III: Contributions and Sample Documents

  1. Fundamental Ecclesial Documents
    for Hispanic Ministry Formation
  2. Glossary of Terms
  3. Annotated Bibliography
    of Key Documents
  4. Examples of Practical Documents
  5. Bibliography

Concepts and Practical Instruments for Pastoral InstitutesConcepts and Practical Instruments for Pastoral Institutes
(Bilingual Edition), FIP, Miami 1998, 67 pages | $15

The Pastoral Institutes - belonging to the Federation of Institutes Pastoral FIP - we found the need for a common terminology met to share and analyze information related to our work in various institutions and pastoral training programs we offer. This manual contains practical concepts and instruments that members of FIP have adopted to make our ministry and communication easier.

The manual is available for directors of institutes and future organizers, to assist them in their formation task for the Hispanic people.

Bilingual Manual for Pastoral Institutes Bilingual Manual for Pastoral Institutes
(Bilingual Edition), FIP, Miami 1996, 35 pages | $15

This publication arose from the need to integrate, share and promote the efforts of various entities involved in Hispanic Ministry by way of encouraging new initiatives relating to training, promotion and education of our community. This booklet is for people who want to start or develop a pastoral institute dedicated to training Hispanic leaders in the Catholic Church and in society. Specifies the goal of pastoral institutes which contains:

  1. A set of general principles in Hispanic Ministry formation
  2. Guidelines for pastoral formation’s curriculum
  3. Guidelines for the training of pastoral institute directors
  4. A guide to planning an institute

This brochure comes from the experience of several institutions that have been operating in the nation. It is offered as a contribution to the Federation of Pastoral Institutes (FIP) for the implementation of the National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry issued by the Episcopal Conference of the United States in 1987.

Manual for the Theological-Pastoral Reflection Manual for the Theological-Pastoral Reflection
(Available only in Spanish), FIP, Miami 1989, 30 pages | $15

The number 70 of PPN asks for the “Theological-Pastoral Reflection” at all levels. This manual is designed to offer some orientations and dynamics that could be utilize for pastoral trainings, which facilitate this gatherings, with the purpose to familiarize them with the components of the theology-pastoral reflection.

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